Pricing 2022

We provide the following services

Gr 4 to 7


Gr 8 and 9



Gr 10 to 12


Physical Sciences


CAPS/IEB curriculum

One-on-one sessions

Gr 4 to 7

R 965 per month

R 2405 per term

Gr 8 and 9

R 1020 per month

R 2540 per term

Gr 10 to 12

R 1070 per month

R 2675 per term

Group sessions(2-3 students)

Gr 4 to 7

R 615 per month

R 1515 per term

Gr 8 and 9

R 650 per month

R 1575 per term

Gr 10 to 12

R 685 per month

R 1630 per term

  • Monthly payment option is 10 fixed monthly from 31 January to 31 October
  • Quarterly on 31 January, 30 March, 31 June, 31 Sep  
  • Both options include 10 lessons per school term (lesson duration 1 hour).
  • We grant a 10% discount for students taking more than one subject or for siblings

Other curriculums

Maths & Science TVET N1-N6; Cambridge IGCSE; etc(please ask if your curriculum is not listed)

Billed monthly in advance.

One-on-one sessions

1 lesson

R 300

4 lessons

R 1070

8 lessons

R 1920


Yes we do offer one-on-one lessons online. We do not offer in person lessons. 

We use whatsapp and Zoom to communicate with students. We use whiteboards for the students to see and we request a whatsapp photo when we need to see their work.

Monthly payments are made for 10 months of the year. 

Quarterly payments are made at the beginning of every quarter. 

All lessons are payable in advance. No lessons are offered unless account is paid in full.

We do not have any contracts. 

Lessons are moved if students can not attend lessons due to loadshedding. We do however recommend making use of the battery life on cellphone/laptop/tablet and a small ups for wifi. This has been the most cost efficient option for most students. 

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