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What we do

We offer high quality online tutoring services for Grade 4 to 12 learners. Classes are aimed at practicing skills required in the specific subject with the helping hand of a well equipped tutor.

How we do it

Our classes are mainly once or twice a week depending on the student. We offer one-on-one classes and small group classes(2-3 students). 

We make use of Zoom and classes are live and interactive. 

Why we do it

We believe every child and young adult should get the opportunity to reach their full potential during their academic career. 

Education can never be taken away, no matter what. 

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Every term we have free Saturday workshops to all enrolled students! Programs are sent out monthly and students can choose whether they wish to attend. 

Check out what we have planned for this month!

Non-enrolled students can register too!

Term 2
May 2022


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Gr 8 Math

Gr 11 Math

Gr 8 Math

Gr 8 Math


Gr 10 Math

Gr 9 Math

Gr 11 Science

Gr 9 Math

Gr 11 Science

Gr 9 Math

Gr 11 Science

Meet our team

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Her passion lies in numbers, happy to do math all day. She enjoys helping children figure out math problems.

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Students are drawn to her like gravity! Scientist during the day and inspiring young scientists after hours.

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Lizeth loves to teach - not only does she tutor EMS and Mathematics but she is also a full-time teacher at a special needs school.



Our accounting expert will ensure your books balance every time! Karla believes in fairies and the underground economy with the same conviction.



Scientists in mind, farm girl at heart. A typical day in the life of Marcelize is tackling her farm duties in the morning and then tutoring Mathematics and Science thereafter.



Janeli tutors Accounting and Maths with us. She loves children and busy finishing her studies as a teacher.

What our students and parents have to say

What our students and parents have to say...

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