Our Story

10 July 2020
We started this company while we were in our final year of study. I was knee-deep in study debt and thought of the possible ways to generate enough money to start repaying loans and try to make a living. With no experience at the time in any field, we had to make use of the skills we had which was knowledge of mathematics, accounting, and science. We noticed this need students have, mostly due to our overfilled education system in South Africa.
This need inspired us to open up to accommodate more students. So we worked hard to scrape together a deposit for the premises and all the equipment etc. We soon discovered that we can accommodate not only failing students but also students who aim for that A on a report card.
We strive to enable learners to achieve their maximum academic potential. We believe with the correct tools each child can improve so we focus on improving learners’ fundamental understanding of the academic work. We then branched out to teach younger children from Grade R.
In South Africa, the negative impact of the number of uneducated individuals spills over into so many other aspects of our country. We aim to deliver a valuable contribution to the social and economic development of South Africa by enhancing learners’ academic careers. This truly took effect when we started tutoring online. With the distance barrier removed we can now reach students who struggled with transport and children in different provinces.
We are excited about the future and try our best to be innovative and keep giving our best.
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