All You Need To KNow About Online Learning

28 July 2020
Is online learning the way forward? There is more and more interest in this area, with some tutors and students stating that it is a better medium than face-to-face tuition for some subjects. 
Times they are a-changin’ and anyone with an eye on tutoring will tell you that online tutoring is getting more and more popular. Online tutoring enables students to get a time with a tutor precisely when they need it, it’s more convenient and often more affordable than traditional tutoring. Let us explain what online tutoring is and what you need to get going.
ONLINE TUTORING connects students with tutors over the internet. Sessions are carried out in real time, and there are a variety of tools available to support both the teaching and learning experience.
So how do you get going? You ‘ll need a computer and a stable internet connection. Most modern computers come with microphones and webcam, but it would be best investing in a microphone headset as the quality of sound will be much better for both tutor and student.
It’s still early days for online tutoring, one school of thought argues that kids today are so wrapped up with technology that the only way a parent can persuade them to do any extra academic work is if it’s carried out online; a teenager would rather work on a computer than be confronted face to face with a tutor in the living room. Only time will tell, but if it sounds interesting, why not contact us and give it a try.
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