The world has changed, have you?

We offer high quality tutoring services for Grade 4 to 12 learners. Classes are aimed at practicing skills required in the specific subject with the helping hand of a well equipped tutor.

What we do

grade 4 to 9

Building on the foundation, discovering the pillars to numerical success. Step by step math with adapting to unique needs of students strengths and weaknesses. 

grade 10 to 12


With practice and guidance, we help students exceed their goals. Weather it be passing or getting that A+. 

How we do it

One on one classes

One student per tutor offers very personal interaction with a student. 

Group classes(max 4 students per class)‚Äč

Group session will be done with students from the same school or that are doing the same work. On this level students still receive a lot of individual and personalized attention. Our group sessions have the best success rate.

Large group sessions(max 15 students per class)

Large group session are offered free of charge to current students and at a minimal fee to non current students. These sessions are 4 times per term for grade 12 learners. 

What you need to succeed. . . .


Access to the internet. Any stable connection will work. 


A device to connect. Smartphone, tablet, laptop. 

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